A Prayer For Syria


We know from your Story that your peace passes our understanding,
that you are working out your Will using even the most distorted of human responses.
And that when we cry out in suffering and incomprehension, you answer
with Words that calm the most savage of storms.

Our cry today then is for your Spirit to accompany
those in Syria who are sadly stricken
with fear, despair, trauma, violence and loss.

Be with them, comfort them, and call out their humanity.
Victim and oppressor, those who hurt and those who rage.
Grant them all faith to plant seeds of hope and truth
even when the fog and weariness of conflict
desire to destroy all hints of trusting in You.

We cry out in incomprehension ourselves. How can we respond in faith to a conflict
that makes no sense, that seems so far away, that degrades the human soul,
and creates so many barriers among families, ethnic groups and religions?

We do not understand why innocents must be slaughtered,
or why so many carry out gruesome orders when they themselves must have doubts.
Our time would be a good time for your kingdom to come,
because we have had enough of this violence and travail.

So we wait with eager longing - and with fear,
because your promises do not coincide with our favourite injustices.

We pray for the coming of your kingdom on earth.
May the pangs and groans of your people be only
a precursor to a New Creation that is built on a vision
more transcendent than the one now believed in.

We pray for justice that is restorative, and not just reactionary.
We know this kind takes time, and so we ask for much patience.

We do know that you hold initiative for our lives,
that your love planned the salvation of the world
before we saw the light of day.

And so we wait, we wait to listen for a Word on how to respond,
we give our anxiety and doubts and cynicism to you,
and wait upon You
in whom all things are made wonderfully new!

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