This Year At Watershed

Here's a look at how we at Watershed experienced and participated in God's unfolding Story in 2011.

Ongoing Programs

Through weekly teaching, fellowship and worship meetings, we sought to deepen our understanding of the Christian tradition and encourage our faith. To this end, we completed in-depth studies of the biblical books 1 and 2 Samuel, and of Marcus Borg's Reading the Bible Again for the First Time. In addition to pastoral care and spiritual mentorship offered to local members, we maintained a website exploring spiritual themes in literature, contemporary culture and Scripture. Watershed Community was involved in serving the west end and inner city communities of Winnipeg. Members served in the following ways: Wrote for West Central Streets, a local community newspaper, focusing on stories of hope; Volunteered weekly at Ellice Cafe, a west end, church-sponsored restaurant, focusing on establishing encouraging relationships with patrons; Volunteered on a local build with Habitat for Humanity; Developed relationships with inner city youth through volunteering at FortWhyte Farms; Baked for two inner city high school programs; Facilitated a sing along for seniors at a local seniors residence.

Watershed Community also began or continued learning and support groups with the following emphases: Addiction and faith-based recovery (weekly); Discipleship and work (bi-monthly); Men's spirituality, studying N.T. Wright's After You Believe (bi-weekly); Spiritual themes in movies (bi-monthly).

New Programs

Watershed hosted a winter retreat focused around the PBS series God in America, as well as hosting a monthly video study on the History of Christianity. Inter-religious dialogue was pursued through meetings with Rabbi Green. A new photo group, Ikonographers, sought to integrate photography and spirituality. Watershed supported World Vision with a donation toward education, furnishing a classroom with supplies and the Red Cross with a donation to support drought victims in Africa.

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