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Last Updated March, 2018

A Better Way - Wouldn't it be easier if Jesus were here the flesh?
It's A New Day! - Pondering the "Great Commission".
A Tale of Two Cities - Have we forgotten the wisdom of the cross?
Apricot Jars - Poem of gratitude for mother.
An Empty Bowl - In surrendering we receive the gift of the Spirit.
Ash Wednesday - Entering Ash Wednesday through memory.
Attentiveness - Attentiveness awakens wonder.
The Basement - Takes a second look at plans for cleaning up our lives.
Behind The Wheel - Drive through life with the Lord's Prayer.
Birds of a Feather - Similarity and difference explored in a prose poem.
Blind Spots - Discovering spiritual blinders on the quest.
Brink of a New Decade - Poem of gratitude for true home.
Confessions of a Playful Agnostic - Response to Haught's God After Darwin.
The Crook in the Lot - Helps us to see that all is well, just as it is.
Diary of a Church Misfit - One person's experience of faith deconstruction, and beyond.
Discipline - Discipline evokes devotion.
Discussing The Role of Religious Experience - On Luke Timothy Johnson's lecture.
Dream vs Dream Killers - A look at Genesis 37.
The Ephemeral and the Eternal - A new look at Michelangelo.
Every Turn The Centre - On painting a spiral path.
Eyes: The Lamp of the Body - Knowing whether we're on the discipleship path.
Fear of the Lord - Fear of the Lord helps us find true north.
First Call Is To Listen - The imperative of listening in any spiritual vocation.
Following Into the Frigid Waters - A new faith experience.
For All Time, For All People - An inclusive view of the Lord's Prayer.
Giving the Gift of Expression - an encouraging story of a Canadian newcomer.
God's Unfading Word - Remembering true home through Isaiah 40.
Going High! Going Low! - Another parable where the despicable person ends up the hero.
Graced Trip - A eulogy to a dad.
Gratitude - Gratitude leads to new life.
Haiku Beatitudes - Haiku poems inspired by Matthew 5:3-10.
In Whom We Are One - Given our world, is unity even possible?
Introduction to Niebuhr - Explores the roots of Niebuhr's Thought.
Journey Into Culture - Explores Theocentric Relativism.
The Heart of Deafness - A homily on one of Jesus' strangest parables.
Hidden Gem of Naboth's Vineyard - Parabolic key to 1 Kings.
Honesty - Honesty calls us to take up our cross.
Humility - Humility paves the path toward love.
I Thirst - Garden wisdom reminds us of God's providence.
It's Not About Me - Reflections on a journey.
John The Baptizer - On the scene with John the Baptist.
Journey of Service - A chaperone reflects on a high-shool trip.
Joyful Happiness: A Spiritual Memoir - A reflection of happiness corresponding to suffering.
Justification - Where We Stand - The term justification defined.
Let Down Your Nets - Reflection on Luke 5.
Lessons in Leadership- Claudius' unexpected leadership skills.
Letter to a Young Man - What is faith in the face of anxiety.
Life's Labyrinth - Reflections on a journey.
Limits of Understanding - Our limitations invite trust in God.
The Luther Diaries - A personal look at the reformation of faith.
Mentorship - Mentorship asks us to take the less trodden path.
Never Out of Water - A collage of the Spirit.
No Longer A Stranger - Reflections welcoming the stranger in watercolour.
Now and Then - What does confidence in Christ even mean?
A Movie Group Proposal - Watching movies for spiritual formation.
On Kindness - Invites us to trust this kindred virtue.
On Science and Faith - Poem of wonder at mystery.
Open Mic - A deep welcome awaits at Open Mic night.
A Painting Meditation - Reflections on painting an ancient prayer.
The Passionate Life - Reflections on painting an ancient prayer.
Perceptual Metamorphoses - A student autobiography
Poems of the Everyday - Poems inspired by worship and study.
Poetry - Poetry prepares us for a new vision of the world..
The Postmodern Man's Prayer - Praying the Lord's Prayer today.
The Pram in the Hall - Reflections on the gospel story of the widow of Nain.
Prayer for Syria - A prayer for the coming of the Kingdom.
The Prophetic Protocol - An old story about how God heals.
Shaking the Family Tree - Jacob's ancient dream still speaks today.
The Shining - reflecting on the meaning of turning 50.
Silence - Silence invites an intimate connection with life.
Something The Heart Carries - Students take on the history of happiness.
Spirit Wind - A poem grappling with a gust of wind.
Spiritual Vocation - Considering the voice of accusation through the lens of Thessalonians.
State of the Union- The lesser gods of union and management.
Stepping into God's Love - A reflection of new faith.
Stories From Luke - Summaries from our Luke studies.
A Storm of a Different Sort - Considers the trust inspired by Luke 10.
The Stranger At The Fringe - Themes from the 2010 Winnipeg Fringe Festival.
A Stranger To Justice - Can we get behind a justice reconfigured for all?
The Stranger's Gospel - A story of strangers offering unexpected gift.
Teach Us To Pray - Reflections on N.T. Wright & the Lord's Prayer.
This Year At Watershed - God's unfolding story in Watershed, 2011.
Thoughts on a Covenant Sunday - A window into who we are at Watershed.
Tis The Season To Be Happy - On painting the beatitudes.
Towards a Theology of Movie Watching - Reflections movies, meaning and faith.
Tribute to a Father - Recognizing the changing character of a father.
Vancouver Journey - A surprising boon at journey's end.
Watching The River - A poem at the Shaarey Zedek Synagogue.
Watershed at the Brink of a New Year - A poem by Lydia Penner.
Weakness Made Strong - Living spiritually in any culture.
Welcoming The Stranger - why do you live in an inner-city neighborhood?
What Are Visual Homilies? - A description of a unique art form.
What Calls You To Watershed - Fellow pilgrims reflect on.
What Can Separate Us - Paraphrases of Romans 8:31-39.
What's In A Name - Watershed Iconography photo group described.
What Is Covenant Community? - Can community be both intentional and inclusive?
What Was It Like - Art piece says thank you for a Story to live by.
What's Your Prescription? - Why Jesus seems to be taking so long?
Writing On The Wall - Between the lines of grafitti.
Who Do You Say I AM - The mystery of a forgotten old friend revisited.
Who's The Life of the Party - Are we still welcome with our messy lives?
Word and Spirit - The past, present and future of God's activity in Luke 24.
Work - When linked with vision, work can be the hope of the world.
You Are Invited - The lavish gifts God gives us.




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