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In this excerpt from our Introduction to Matthew, we learned that the book is structured like a story and are introduced to the characters in Matthew.

This audio clip on the Matthew 6:22,23 section of the Sermon on the Mount explores how Matthew urged his readers/disciples to discern whether they were on the path of discipleship or not.

When encountering apocalyptic language in our study of Thessalonians we had to confront the closet "rapture fear" to find the real good news that we're Not Left Behind.

Previous Audio Clips


The Return of Christ a reflection on how we may interpret the apostle Paul's conviction that Christ is returning.


Paul and the Moral Philosophers Listen to a discussion on how the apostle Paul wisely used the influences of the ancient moral philosophers to nurturing Christian faith.


Ethics: Duty or Relationship? Why do we do what we do? Do we act because we are just following rules, or because we desire to be in a loving relationship?


Swallows picture accompanying Creation and Spirit audio clip

Creation and Spirit is another discussion about the Spirit's relationship with Creation from Raymond Brown's A Retreat with John the Evangelist. We've been studying the transformative presence of the Spirit in the Gospel of John.

Christ on Cross image accompanying Beloved Community audio clip

Beloved Community is another discussion from Raymond Brown's A Retreat with John the Evangelist on how the beloved community was repeatedly commanded to love one another, and how that was misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Storm image accompanying A Storm of a Different Sort audio clip

A Storm of a Different Sort considers the trust inspired by Luke 10. The story of the disciples in the boat with Jesus in Luke is a storm story different from the story of Paul's shipwreck, and it comes bundled with a different set of lessons.

Easter Intersection -- a modern reflection on resurrection inspired by Luke 7. Christ's power and compassion is directed at that which brings us to death, even selfishness and limitation. Jesus wakes us up to a new life, in a new direction.

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