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Cover of The BFGA Review of The BFG   

by Erik Berg


READING THE BFG brought many emotions to me - white knuckles, tears of joy and excitement - but the feeling that was the most intense was my laughter. This book is full of different jokes but I'll let you see for yourself how funny it is. This miraculous book is written by Roald Dahl, a marvelous author for not just kids but for adults too!

It all began at Sophie's window in the dead of night. Sophie, the lonely orphan, lies in her bed, cold and tired trying to go to sleep. But one ray of moonlight shines through the curtain on her pillow keeping her from the very desired sleep. Does she dare get up and close the curtain? The small, scared Sophie gets up and creeps towards the window. Dare she make a noise? About to close the drapes a figure catches her attention. Frozen in fear she stares at the colossal creature. Huge round ears pop out of the sides of his head. Bigger than saucers, his eyes glint in the moonlight. She can barely make out a suitcase in his hand and a trumpet in the other. Little does she know this figure will change the rest of her life. The story is about what happens to her and her odd friend, the BFG!

The BFG is not just a monster to humans; he is a monster among his own kind too. He is a runt among the giants and a "non-cannibal" (which is a bad thing to the other giants). He's left out everywhere and that's something that none of us deserve. Just like the Big Friendly Giant changed Sophie's life for the better, Sophie also changes his. Sophie thinks of a plan which turns out to be a miracle. What happens to the BFG and Sophie is for you to find out.   

The moral that I think Roald Dahl is trying to get at is “not to judge a book by its cover.” In many ways The BFG shows it's not the ugly people who are monsters, it's the evil people!

So, when you respond to someone in a grocery store or a gas station, think before you go “yuk” or “euw” because they might be one of the nicest people you could know!

Dahl, Roald. The BFG. Wrights Lane: Puffin Books, 1998. 208 pages.

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