Inspired by the book Finding God In The Dark (by John Pugente SJ and Monty Williams SJ), we are using the Ignatian prayer exercises to inform how we prepare for and watch movies. Each month we will try to write a movie response that touches on some of the themes and insights that were evoked in contemplating on the scripture for that exercise.

Movie sponsors will read the pages of "Finding God in the Dark", watch the movie individually or together, and research the question that the movie brings to us. What is it trying to say? While that is simmering, they will research the theological answer that Scripture has. How does the theological theme affect our life now?The sponsors may want to send out quotes and pictures to the group the week ahead of the movie, priming the pump.

Once a month, the group meets on a Friday night to watch the movie. Saturday is reserved for personal journalling in response to the movie, guided by questions from the book. Sunday morning the sponsors offer the theological perspective on the movie's question/theme, and participants can respond with their experiences, sharing a word or symbol. What is the metaphysic (or informing myth) of the movie, and how does it compare and contrast with our metaphysic, the Christian Story/Gospel? Knowing what the movie says is not enough. It may be misguided.

Afterwards, the sponsors will then be asked to write a response to the movie for the Website.

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