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From January 15 to February 15, 2003, join us in an online book discussion on Watership Down, Richard Adams’ classic tale of discovering a new way to live together.


Our local community reflections produced surprising results. For many, ongoing personal reflection on our lived experience wasn’t as deep as we first imagined. (Don’t unreflected-upon experiences quickly become episodic and forgettable?) But when asked to look harder, particularly for our retrospective video we created this summer, we noticed, more than expected, the accompaniment of Spirit – indeed the Spirit of Christ – in stories of love despite conflict, and forgiveness despite pain. It was difficult to explain our experiences otherwise.

Over the decade, every individual in our motley crew has had to face his or her own personal “watersheds”. As others may agree, what better way to go through life’s struggles around relationships, vocation and faith than in a supportive, non-institutional community? Fortunately, during these struggles we’ve encountered Spirit. Larger than ourselves, and our group, this Spirit of Life seems to not only guide and instruct, but also embrace us even while knowing all corners of our experience. We have just cause to be grateful!

Please read Watershed Online’s Fall/Winter 2002 edition as we’ve tried to provide some “catching up” thoughts on the dynamics of “Spirit in Community.” In turn, offer your own responses to issues raised, or share your experiences of how the Spirit has encouraged you in community, on our messageboards. We’d be glad to hear from you!


• In Standing Alone - Together Through the Spirit, Arthur Paul Patterson explores the promising spirituality that can arise when disoriented individuals meet the Spirit in the mystery of community and creation. Is God a lot closer to our lives than we think?


• In Consider the Rabbits: A Closer Look at Richard Adams’ Watershed Down, Linda Tiessen Wiebe responds to this inspiring novel about rabbits, and ourselves, who are searching for a home all their own.
• In an older essay that still has relevance, Arthur Paul Patterson gets down to the bare essentials in Shedding the Husks of Dogma, a comparison of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s brand of transcendentalism and an evolving Watershed spirituality.


The Spirit in Watershed: The First Ten Years is an internally produced video retrospective of our community’s short history first presented at our retreat at Falcon Trails Resort in September. Listen in. Is your experience of community similar?
• In Forgiveness in Community, Lorna Derksen remembers a recent time when she received one of the key historical resources of community life – forgiveness.
• Arthur Paul Patterson in Wilber and Watershed: Criteria for Religious Legitimacy and Authenticity applies the integral philosophy of Ken Wilber to Watershed spirituality. What do we really mean when we desire integrity?
• Bev Patterson combines flowing images and colours that reflect the magic of nature and the spontaneity of spirit in Watermark Gallery.

• Erik Berg, 11, presents Courage on the Mountain: A Review of Lord Brocktree by Brian Jacques, an instructive tale of courage and fellowship among friends.


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